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Welcome to the Endless Dungeon.

You find yourself Unarmed, and covered with soot on top of what appearers to be an active volcano, the heat threatens to burn your unprotected skin as you try and get your bearings.

Lava pours out of the rocks and crevasses around you and the air is thick with the smell of sulphur, ahead of you is a tattered bridge leading to the strange wisp of a fading portal. Taking your chances with the unknown you leap in.

The heat vanishes from you and you find your self in a small room. There is nothing but a single a black iron door and a small chest. Inside, it is filled with a strange glowing substance, Ether, raw magic that can be formed easily into any substance the wielder wishes, whether food, armour or weapon. With it you gather what you think you may need before opening the small black door. To your surprise, you find three other souls like your self, covered in the black soot and armed with equipment you can only fathom to have been made with the same ether, the look of shock on their faces show they are equally surprised to find you as well.

Apparently the last to arrive, you are filled in with what they have gathered by your situation. You like they, were once an adventurer, your greed for gold and fame have brought you to this place after your demise, and this is but one of the many levels of hell itself.

The room is clear but strange markings on the floor, and as you ponder them they start to glow, changing shape as they do, to form a language common to you.

“Fight, Win, Survive and find all that you desired in life at your finger tips. Die, and forever walk these halls.”

Home Page

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