Game Premise

You control 4 player characters, and challenge yourself against the Endless Dungeon.

Each floor layout will remain the same, but GMs have control of the Environment, Door, Loot, Trap and Monster placement, so a floor should never play the same twice.

Upon completing Boss floors (every 3 levels) you reach a “save point” area where you can start a new group from should yours perish.

Upon completing level 20, you are granted your freedom as well as any riches you have accumulated along the way. Winning the Game.

You can pair up with other players (up to 4) starting a new group from level 1.
Together you must divide up the 4 player characters across the group.

The only way to die in Endless dungeon is through a TKP, single member deaths are given 1 round after combat to be revived to positive HP or they are turned into spectres unable to communicate with the party.

Restoring a player to corporeal form takes 500 ether per charecter level. They come back to 1 health, and can continue to adventure.

Clearing a floor of all Encounters empowers the portal with additional restorative energy that will revive and restore all players passing through it.

Spotting and disarming a trap before it is triggered grants 100x dungeon level in Ether.
Overcoming environmental challenges grants 50x dungeon level in Ether

If a trap has an automatic reset and you fail to disarm it before it triggers, you do not get Ether for disarming it.

Upon completing a level, any unsprung traps, (weather you found them or not) grant 1/2 Ether as if disarmed.

Ether can be used when found to form “Consumables” or after completing a level for full value, any Ether used mid session is worth 1/2 as much.

For more details please visit the Ether page.

For the purposes of durations spells, all consumable (wands, potions and scrolls) last at maximum 1 encounter per cast/use

Despite listed durations Spells are hard coded to other restrictions. In general;
Round/level spells automatically end after the encounter. (cannot be cast before the start of an encounter)
Min/level spells last 1 Encounter Per level.
Hour/Level spells last 1 dungeon floor.

Game Premise

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