In general characters are restricted to strict WBDL (Wealth by Dungeon Level) rather then WBL in the Endless Dungeon.

as such WBDL equals

250 for lvl 1
and then WBL for subsequent levels.

So when starting Lvl 2, you can have no more then 1000 gold in value of items, Lvl 3, 3000, so on and so forth.

You can create any item from the Core rules and APG in Endless dungeon, but all items count against your Wealth by level restriction, unless it is a restorative potion.

In Endless dungeon you do not have to track mundane gear, like arrows, food. Magical gear or Masterwork arrows still have to be counted against your WBL.

Example: A Monk buys a potion of Mage Armor, the potion counts against his current WBL until consumed. He can then buy another Potion of Mage Armor.


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