GM Mechanics

GM Mechanics.

When GMing any floor of ED, you must place Doors, Loot, Traps/Environmental Challenges and Encounters.

Every floor must contain, 1 Boss encounter at EL +2, 4 Hard Encounters at EL +1 and 5 Normal Encounters at EL +0

Floors 6,11,15, and 20 contain Epic encounters (EL +3), and you should consult a Gm before attempting to run one of these floors.

You must place Traps and Environment Challenges that will grant the same XP as the hardest challenge on the floor. In general that equals 8 traps or environment challenges at the EL +0

Any trap or environment used in conjunction with an encounter increases the encounter CR by the CR of the trap or environment.

in General every floor should have at least a single secrete door that hides the “hidden stash”

the hidden stash can also hide in any room, with a search DC = a secrete door for that level.

DC’s for traps and hidden loot should always be obtainable by a party specialised in finding such things.

Players can only create consumables from chests found, on any floor, or stockpile the ether found.
If a player requires a consumable on a floor and has not recently found Ether in a chest, he/she must pay double the initial cost.

GM’s should copy the base map before editing it, so the next Gm will not have to reset Vision blocking and fog of war.

GM’s get 1 Xp credit for every floor they GM, for every 2 GM Xp you can advance a new party a level. (GM xp cannot be used to advance a pre-existing party to a higher level)

If a player feels that a floor was not run correctly or too hard, they can report the situation to two other gm’s. (if the player is a GM he can count as one of the two) If they both agree, then the GM who ran the floor should be informed of the situation so that it does not happen again, and the player in question can either accept full reward for the dungeon floor as if they completed it, or to rerun the floor at a later time.

GM Mechanics

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