Faster Play

Take 10, in general most situations will go off your take 10 value before you can attempt to roll.

In general creatures, traps, secrete doors will try and beat your passive perception with stealth, and DC’s

Disable Devices will look at your take 10 before you can roll, so if you can beat the trap without rolling you wont have to. Disabling a device is an individual effort and cannot be aided.

Aid other, your not in this alone, and your party can try and Aid other on most checks. If on a take 10, your allies can beat a DC 15 perception check, they can aid you in your check to find traps. adding accumulative bonus on finding hidden rooms traps and loot in a dungeon.

Other skills checks like knowledge checks to understand a creature, or figure out a spell will take into account these checks as well. (keep in mind these group checks only work for take 10’s)

Stat checks, like STR, checks to open a door, will let you aid other if you can take 10 and get a result of 10 or greater.

Only characters who are adjacent to said object can help with the check.

Aid other checks can also be used in saves, as per the pathfinder rules.

If someone is subject to a Compulsion effect you can try and “snap” them out of it by being adjacent to them and committing an “aid other” action.

If you feel you missed something you can take 20 to search the entire floor of a dungeon after its been cleared.
This check does not apply the aid checks of your allies.

Any traps not located by your take 10 check with your allies will automatically be triggered and resolved.

Spell Durations.

Despite listed durations Spells are hard coded to other restrictions. In general;
Round/level spells end after the encounter. (cannot be cast before the start of an encounter)
Min/level spells last 1 Encounter Per level.
Hour/Level spells last 1 dungeon floor.

Faster Play

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