A semi incorporeal substance, that is tangible by the corporeal world. A physical description of the appearance of Ether is glowing mist that flows much like thick water, varying in colour from pale blue to vibrant green. The substance beams with a transmutation aura.

Ether is like raw magic with enough of it you can form it into any desirable substance, food, water, rare metal, or magical weaponry. It holds the same value as the gold that it could produce, and can be worked by ones will into any substance with enough time. Ether is best transmutated when close to a source of great power or has been at rest for a few years. As such it can only be used to create consumables (potions with restorative properties) when initially found, or by using twice the value of ether after removed.

Upon Reaching a Portal you can use some of the Portal’s Power to transform the Ether into anything you desire, or or to revisit the same floor in hopes of bolstering your forces.

Mechanically Ether acts like gold, where when combined with the portals power you can convert items into ether at 1/2 value, or form items for standard price.

Only “Consumables” can be formed without the aid of a portal.

When reaching a portal you have to make a choice, whether you wish to repeat the same floor again in hopes of gaining more experience and loot, or to use the portal to level and form equipment for the next floor down.

You are limited by WBDL which equals the Wealth by current dungeon floor, on items you can create, so no matter how much Ether you stockpile, only so much of it is useful to you at a time.

Restorative Potions are the only exception to this rule, these “Consumables” are not counted against your WBDL if, they are designed to remove a status ailment or restore hit point damage.


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